Management & Key Contacts

The Centre has a very diversified team with over 150 staff speaking over 40 languages. 

Executive Team 

Anila Lee Yuen, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Admasu Tachble, PhD
Director, Settlement & Integration
Francis Boakye, PhD
Vice President, Strategy
Harry Yee 
Chief Operating Officer
Maryna Bityutsky 
Chief Financial Officer
Ayotunde Kayode
Manager, Community Relations & Mentorhsip
Bukurie Mino
Associate Director, Settlement & Integration
Carolee Turner
Associate Director, Youth Programs
Charlie Wang
Director, Language Programs
John Castro
Associate Director, Language Programs
Kelly Ernst, PhD
Director, LGBTQ+ Programs
Marivic Prospero
Associate Director, Career & Employment 
Rashmi Sharma
Manager, Human Resources 

Key Contacts

Career Development & Job Search Please call 403.569.3325 to book an appointment with a Career Practitioner. For more information view Career Planning.
Settlement Support Service is primarily delivered in English, but our diverse team of Settlement Practitioners can accommodate many languages.
Call 403.569.3325 to book an appointment.
English Language Training Kerry Huang, LINC Coordinator 
EthniCity Catering Work Experience Training: Debby Jones,
Catering Orders: 
Volunteer Development Volunteering is a great way to build your Canadian experience.
Elaine Mew, Volunteer Coordinator
The Real Me - Immigrant Youth Support Program Carolee Israel Turner, Associate Director, Youth Programs
Multicultural Peer Mentorship Ayotunde Kayode, Manager, Community Relations & Mentorship 
LGBTQ+ Settlement Services Boban Stojanovic, Manager, LGBTQ+ Settlement Services 
Refugee Integration Project Khaled Alqasem
Donations  Violeta Vasileva, Executive Assistant
Media David Hohol, Manager, Communications & Marketing