Bring Diversity and Experience to your Workforce

Employment opportunities at CFN

Newcomers to Canada bring a breadth of education and experience and have been selected to come to Canada because of their potential to contribute to our community and workforce.

Recruiting newcomers - leveraging the skills and experience of an internationally trained workforce - is one way to reflect Calgary's growing diversity within your own organization.  Your company can benefit from the international connections newcomers bring, and their ability to communicate with people from other cultures, economies, marketplaces, and countries.

Job Fairs and Forums are also organized for job seekers to get access to relevant hiring information and employment opportunities from a pool of potential employers in various industries.

To learn more about bringing newcomers into your workforce, call Bernice Shukairat, Career Practitioner at 403.536.8245b.shukairat@centrefornewcomers.ca.

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