Hire a Newcomer

Have you ever thought about what it would take to leave your country and start new somewhere else? Perhaps you've already made the journey yourself or know someone who has?

Often you can see common traits among immigrants, no matter what country they come from. Most immigrants are:

  1. Open to change—willing to take risks and try something new,
  2. Optimistic—believing in the possibilities of creating a new life, or starting a new career, and
  3. Motivated to succeed— having invested so much in making the journey, immigrants tend to have a very strong work ethic and are willing to work hard to create a better future.

Recruiting newcomers into your business, allows you to leverage the motivation, attitude, skills and experience of a diverse group of people and build an internationally trained workforce.  Calgary's growing diversity can be reflected in your hiring practices and to your customers. 

To benefit from the experience that newcomers bring -- international connections, and an ability to communicate with people from other cultures, economies, marketplaces and countries – contact the Centre for more information.

To learn more about bringing newcomers into your workforce, call Bernice Shukairat, Career Practitioner at 403.536.8245b.shukairat@centrefornewcomers.ca.