Doors Open YYC

CFN invites Calgary to come on by and say hello for Doors Open YYC.  Many of Calgary’s most intriguing and beloved sites participate in Doors Open YYC, as during this day, buildings in all quadrants of the city open their doors – free of charge – to the public and provide special revealing tours and behind-the-scenes experiences. Whether you’re into history, architecture, diversity, multiculturalism, the environment, art, sports, science or engineering, this is your chance to get an insider’s view of Calgary’s vibrant and dynamic cityscape.

Doors Open is a well-established and highly successful international concept that allows people free access to buildings in order to create enthusiasm for heritage and contemporary architecture and increase the appreciation of historic and culturally significant places and spaces.

Here at CFN visitors will get a complete tour of our 43,000 square foot facility,  the chance to take a look inside one of our many classrooms,  along with a peek at our multicultural crafts and stories in our colourful childcare centre. On top of that, there will be some scrumptious treats from our amazing Ethnicity Catering Kitchen, and an even an opportunity get some Henna done (between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm).

Whether you have an admiration for something specific, or just want to experience the city with your family, a large variety of sites will be available to satisfy all ranges of interest for Doors Open YYC 2017. We couldn't be happier to take part in this wonderful day and look forward to opening our doors to you September 23rd.
See you then!