Refugee Awareness Campaign

Refugee Awareness Campaign & World Refugee Day Celebration

A Message From our Premier Rachel Notley on World Refugee Day from CFN Productions 

CFN has launched our 2nd annual citywide Refugee Awareness Campaign on June 1, 2017to engage the broader community in showing their support for our fellow Calgarians. 

June 20th is observed as “World Refugee Day” to honour the strength, courage, and resilience of millions of refugees. The Centre for Newcomers has a proud 27-year history of welcoming and supporting immigrants and refugees from all corners of the world, providing programs, training, and resources to support their settlement and integration within our great city.  Each year, the Centre supports over 10,000 newcomers to settle and integrate and begin their lives as prosperous and hardworking new citizens in Canada.

As a part of our Orange Ribbon Campaign, we have highlighted some of Canada's most well-known refugees throughout the month of June.