Refugee Crisis - How You Can Help

Thank you to the many Calgarians who have contacted us to inquire about ways to support people affected by the refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq. Calgary is preparing to receive approximately 2,000+ refugees in the next three months.  This includes government assisted refugees and privately sponsored refugees.

The Centre for Newcomers is a non-denominational organization founded in the 1980's by the Mennonite Central Committee in response to the refugee crisis in Central America.  The Centre offers many programs to support immigrants and refugees once they arrive in Calgary. Read our Refugees Welcome letter. 
if you are looking for volunteer opportunities, please contact Elaine Mew at 403.539.5854 

Donate Now to Support Services for Refugees

Donate online - To help with refugees services through the Centre for Newcomers

  • By cheque: Mail to Centre for Newcomers, 1010, 999 36 Street NE, Calgary AB T2A 7X6
We are working in partnership with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) to assist those who are bringing over 250 privately sponsored refugees. The first few privately sponsored families arrived in late November and our staff are preparing for the influx of approximately 1,500 government-sponsored refugees as well. 
If you are privately sponsoring refugees and would like to partner with us towards their settlement and integration needs once in Calgary, please contact us:

Understanding Refugee Status

The Centre for Newcomers provides support to both Government Assisted Refugees and Privately Sponsored Refugees once they arrive in Canada. 

Government-Assisted Refugees - cannot apply directly to Canada, they must be referred for resettlement by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) or another referral organization.  Refugees need to be selected by the Government of Canada. Resettlement in Canada is entirely supported by the Government of Canada. Government Sponsored Refugees receive support for up to one year from the date they arrive in Canada, or until they are able to support themselves, whichever happens first. This support is delivered by non-governmental agencies such as the Centre for Newcomers. 

Privately Sponsored Refugees - are supported by a group that is responsible to provide financial and emotional support for the refugees for the duration of the sponsorship. They do not receive financial support from the Government of Canada.  Sponsors fully finance all help for housing, clothing and food. Most sponsorships last for one year, but some refugees may be eligible for assistance from their sponsors for up to three years.
All refugees, both government and privately sponsored, must go through a security screening to qualify for entry to Canada and must pass medical and security checks before they arrive.


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