Self-Defense @ CFN

Women's Self Defense Classes Begin @ CFN

2 pm  to  4 pm  

December 15 

Running through December, classes will be taught by instructors from Western Canada Martial Arts Academy. The classes are for immigrant women or their daughters (18+) and the same class will be taught on 8 separate days. That being said attendees can re-register as many times as they want, if they would like to take the class more than one time.

Self-defense classes often lead those who participate to walk out as determined, strong, empowered individuals ready to take control of their own lives. A self-defense class can show us the options available to take control, build our inner strength and allow us to feel safer. Further still, knowing that we have the ability to defend ourselves in any given situation we're put into often helps us more fully explore the world, take on new projects, meet new people and find new ways to engage with those around us.

For more details or to register give us a call at 403-569-3325 or email Violeta at for more details!

And for photos of our first class CLICK HERE.