Immigrant professionals are sometimes at a loss in their pursuit of work in Canada.  
I need a job right away,
is a common appeal.  They find themselves confronted with multiple transition issues:  isolation, lack of social network, language skills, a new workplace environment, credential or professional regulatory requirements.  
career development and job search at centre for newcomers

The Centre for Newcomers offers career development and job search services to provide support and guidance to reduce barriers, clarify career goals and develop training plans that will help job seekers move towards their employment goals.  
Clients are welcomed and attended by diverse, multilingual professionals in English, and for newcomers with limited English, service is provided in other languages.  
career development and job search at centre for newcomers

Workshops, information and networking sessions, one-to-one counselling are provided to prepare job seekers for the Canadian labour market, bringing them closer to employment opportunities that will help in their integration into the Canadian workforce.

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Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS)
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