Multicultural Peer Mentorship for Professionals

Multicultural Peer Mentorship is a 4-month program that matches Mentors working as professionals in their industry in Canada with Mentees who are professionals striving to find employment in their fields.

Become a Mentor

Find fulfillment in being able to help and support fellow members of your community and further develop leadership and facilitation skills.  

  • Professionally trained
  • Previous or currently working in your profession in Canada
  • Willing to commit  to 2 mentoring meetings a month for 4 months and join program activities 
Click here to download Mentor application form.

Become a Mentee

Learn from the stories and experiences of successful immigrant professionals; improve your knowledge, skills and understanding of the Canadian workplace culture and the environment; establish a wider peer support network within and outside your culture.

  • Professionally trained
  • Ready to start working at any time
  • Willing to commit your time to attend mentoring meetings, follow up with career actions and attend program activities
Click here to download Mentee application form.
Application closes: March 3
Orientation and Matching for selected Mentors and Mentees:
Friday, March 17 
at 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

For more information, please contact Ayotunde Kayode or 403.648.2219

Delivered in partnership with: Association of Colombian-Canadian Professionals of Alberta  (ACCPA)
Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary (NCAC); Nepalese Community Society of Calgary (NCSC); Ghanaian Canadian Association of Calgary (GCAC); Gujarati Mandal of Calgary (GMofC); 
Rajasthani Association of North America” (RANA), Nigerian South-South Heritage Association.