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Start your child's higher education savings with FREE MONEY from the Government of Canada.
Open a NO-FEE,  ZERO CONTRIBUTION RESP account with the provider of your choice and apply for the Canada Learning Bond. The Canada Learning Bond is a grant from the Government of Canada to help kick-start the education savings account of eligible kids with up to $2,000. 
Information Session and Free RESP account set up
Learn more about:
  • What is RESP
  • How does RESP help in saving for your children's’ future education
  • How much can the government, through government grants, add to your RESP contribution?
To open an RESP account MUST bring your & your child’s SIN, PR card
The Canada Learning Bond (CLB) is money that the Government of Canada deposits directly into a child's Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) account to help parents get a head start on saving for their child's education after high school. 
After high school, your child can withdraw the money to help pay for either full-time or part-time study:
  • under an apprenticeship program;
  • at a CEGEP;
  • at a trade school;
  • at a college; or
  • at a university.


The Canada Learning Bond is available to children: If you qualify, all you need to start is:
  • The Social Insurance Number (SIN), name and date of birth of
  • the child who this is for.
  • Your SIN and contact information.
Don't have the Social Insurance Number yet? Learn how to get it!
RESPs Made Easy 
This short video introduces you to RESPs, the Canada Learning Bond and much more.
It's a very good place to start.


More information can be found on the SmartSaver website. 

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