Coming to Canada

Immigrants to Canada come from all parts of the world, and make up approximately 21% of the country’s population. (Source: Statistics Canada, 2011)

To immigrate to Canada, you must apply for permanent resident status while outside the country.  Permanent residents are able to live, study and work anywhere in Canada but are not eligible to run for office or vote. They must pay taxes and are subject to Canadian laws.

Before you apply for permanent resident status, you must decide where in Canada you would like to live – it is a very big country! You must also decide what type of permanent resident status best describes or fits you or your family.

The Province of Alberta, where the City of Calgary is located, has a special procedure in place to support the immigration of skilled workers. To learn more about this government policy, click here.

Visit the Canadian embassy, consulate or visa office in your area before you apply. Find out everything you might need to do to become a permanent resident, or, if you are eligible to come to Canada as a refugee.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)   has produced the following video to help plan your move to Canada.

Express Entry Process

In 2015, IRCC introduced an express entry process for skilled workers and trades people.  The new review process is explained below:

If you decide to live in Calgary, visit the Centre for Newcomers soon after your arrival.  There are many support services and resources available to you as you start a new life in Canada.