LGBTQ+ Immigrant and Refugee Services

LGBTQ+ Immigrant and Refugee Services 

The Centre for Newcomers offers a wide range of services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and other sexually diverse newcomers to Canada, and their support persons 

 The LGBTQ+ Immigrant Settlement Support Project  

For new gay, lesbian, transgender and sexually diverse immigrants and permanent residentsThe LGBTQ+ Settlement Support Project provides settlement support services to LGBTQ+ new Calgarians. LGBTQ+ immigrants often do not have family or networks to help set them up in a new city when coming to Canada.  

he CFN LGBTQ+ New Canadians project provides support services, information and orientation, needs assessment and referral, language training, interpretation support, career counselling, active referral to employment and other related services. These and other support services will be provided either at CFN or partner organizations sites depending on the clients’ preferences. The project is funding through IRCC. Click for an appointment 


The LGBTQ+ Refugee Welcoming Project 

 For LGBTQ+ refugee claimants in CalgaryWe provide support for gay, lesbian, transgender and other sexually diverse individuals that are in Calgary and claiming refugee status or asylum. In addition to some of the services noted above, we will assist with: 

  • Providing letters and support for Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) hearings (you must make an appointment) 

  • Information and referrals to LGBTQ+ and other organizations 

  • Orientation to Canada 

  • One-to-one support 


To help in your settlement and IRB hearing we offer the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression Settlement Needs and Risk AssessmentClick for an appointment 

The project is generously funded through our provide donors. Please support the project by donating through Canada Helps (choose the Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station). 

The Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station 

 For LGBTQ+ Convention Refugees. The Centre for Newcomers has partnered with  End of the Rainbow Foundation and Rainbow Railroad in Toronto to offer convention refugees circles of support to settle in Calgary. Referrals to the project must come through UNHCR and Canadian Government routes and the Blended Visa Office Referred Programthrough the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Program, or the Rainbow Railroad. Refugees already in Calgary cannot access this project.  

The project helps to create sponsorship groups, find housing or shelter, food, clothing, language training, career development, and all the other things that you will need to get established in Calgary. We provide these supports using mentor volunteers with the End of the Rainbow Foundation. Participants in the project may access professional language classes, career counselling, and any other services provided at CFN. 


The LGBTQ+ Welcoming Centres Projects 

For organizationsprofessionals and community groups. We provide organizational assessments, training, information, referrals, and client advice. This project aims to build upon piloted services for LGBTQ+ newcomers and educate and build capacity for people supporting LGBTQ+ newcomers across Alberta. 

We will serve any community with immigrants and refugees that request supports, any where in Alberta. The projects are funded primarily by the Government of Alberta.  


For Alberta Practitioners: 

  • Teaching practitioners about LGBTQ+ newcomer issues 

  • Teaching practitioners immigrant and refugee system processes 

  • Teaching practitioners best practices in conducting sexual orientation and gender identity/expression needs assessments 

For Alberta Communities: 

  • LGBTQ+ education 

  • LGBTQ+ capacity building 

  • LGBTQ+ organizational assessments 

The Alberta Welcoming Leadership Project 


For leadership in organizationsThis project is designed to assist sector leaders to increase their understanding of intersectional issues resulting in changes in sector policy development, better serving client's needs, and ultimately changing services to address intersectionality issues and needs. The project is funded through the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund.  


If you would like to make an appointment or need more information, then please email: 
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03/16/2017 CBC News LGBT project for new Canadians in Calgary sees a big demand