Participate in the Community

Becoming part of your new community in Canada

There are many things that you can do to make Canada begin to feel like home.  Once you are settled and ready to meet new people, consider a few options below:

Get to know your neighbours - Canadians are typically very friendly, but also very respectful of privacy and space so don't be shy to initiate a greeting to your new neighbour.

If you have children, get involved at their schools or in their activities - meeting other parents with children is a great way to build your network.  It may even help your children to make new friends.  

Join a club or community group - there are many kinds of groups to become part of in Calgary including: cultural groups, sports clubs, art, gardening, and many more.  Your local library can help you find out more.

Volunteering in Calgary - Calgary has a very active volunteering community.  Volunteering can involve all sorts of activities from having fun with children to coaching sports or creating a marketing or business plan for a non-profit organization.  Whether you are volunteering just for fun, to meet people, to develop your skills or to gain Canadian experience, there are so many possibilities.  
To learn more about volunteering at the Centre for Newcomers, or in the community, sign up with Volunteer Develpment program.  You can also visit the Propell:us Website to search their database of opportunities.