Vulnerable Population Services

Are you in need of support?  Are you in a tough situation? 
Feeling Alone? Feeling Lost?
We are always here to support you!
Domestic Violence & Homelessness Services
Work collaboratively with agencies with a focus on domestic violence and homelessness
Organize events and workshops
Provide needs-based settlement services information
Provide resources to assist clients in decision making
Provide referrals to external resources as needed
Mental Health Related Services
Collaborate with agencies working with a focus on mental health
Increase mental health awareness in communities
Organize events, workshops and campaigns
Non-therapeutic counselling. Crisis intervention as necessary. Needs assessment to identify individual, social, emotional, and behavioural aspects of the client. 
We help to identify situations and explore options, develop and implement a plan of action. 

Our practitioner provides information and referrals to internal agency programs/resources & external agencies and ethnocultural communities’ programs/resources. Connects clients to resources which can assist in meeting their needs.
All services are delivered in private, safe, confidential, and respectful environment. Right to confidentiality, excluding specific circumstances such as harm to oneself or harm to others. 

Unbiased & non-judgmental approach 
  • Our services are here to support clients.
  • Non-biased environment.
  • There are no right or wrong questions or concerns.
Program practitioner advocates for a client as needed in accessing resources, and meeting client’s needs.
Educates and empowers clients regarding rights and responsibilities in Canada. Teaches clients how to advocate for themselves. 

To book an appointment with our Practitioner, please contact
 Shamaila Akram