Life-Changing Assistance

Meet Philip, an immigrant with many years of education and professional experience who came to Calgary with his wife and young son, and the family’s luggage, savings and dreams. An engineer by profession, he was unable to find immediate work in his field.

To make ends meet, Philip found survival jobs, with low pay and no connection to his profession. 

Coming home each day feeling exhausted, downhearted, and at times humiliated, he found his family relationships starting to suffer.  Acknowledging his dilemma, he discovered the Centre for Newcomers, and connected with supports that helped him to implement important changes.

At the Centre, Philip and his wife attended English classes and improved their English language skills. They also worked with professional settlement and employment counsellors to identify and address their family and career priorities. Inspired, and armed with a realistic and hopeful career plan, Philip completed additional training related to his profession. He continued to stay connected with the Centre as he applied for engineering jobs. Though worried and down to their last $15, he received the good news of a job offer!

Now a successful Project Co-ordinator for an oil and gas company, Philip can look back on the sequence of steps to success.  Finding work appropriate to his previous training and experience did not come immediately or easily. It took time, risk, sacrifice, and the life-changing assistance of the Centre for Newcomers.
My family cannot thank you enough for the advice and suggestions that have had a huge impact on my view of life and helped me set my priorities.  My wife has now adjusted to the new routine, working part time and being the super mom and wife. My son is now in school. If not for the career counselling and guidance, I will probably be taking a third or fourth job to make ends meet.